Emily + John

Eureka Springs, AR

Crescent Hotel

Thorncrown Chapel

Emily  + John


What does it look like when two beautiful people get together? Pure magic! Exhibit A: Emily and Jonathan, a girl from Canada and a Boy from Texas, getting married in the middle of Arkansas! Filming their wedding - not just them, but all of their friends and loved ones who traveled such great distances to be with them on their special day - was so overwhelmingly beautiful. All I can say is, I wish I could do it again!

That Aperture guy is brilliant!
— Peter Ford (Father of the Bride)
I am so shocked and overwhelmed by the work of Aperture Video. I had seen the other videos on his page, but when it came to my own, I never imagined it to be so beautiful. The artistry and cinematography is outstanding, the emotion captured throughout the video is heart-wrenching, and the music background accents each frame exquisitely. This might seem like an overkill review. But as an artist myself, I expected a lot. Aperture Video blew my expectations out of the water. And I am so grateful to have this momento forever more.
— Emily


Thorncrown Chapel
Crescent Hotel

Special Thanks

to Paul Gildard Photography for letting me use his work. Unfortunately, he has left us for sunny California, but I still recommend keeping up with this guy. He's going places, and I am excited to see what the future holds for him.